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Little Italy Scraps $5 Lunch Special

Look, minor menu modifications are not usually cause for an entire Grub Notes blog post, but Little Italy has recently gotten rid of its amazing $5 lunch special (half a sub and a drink or two one-topping slices and a drink), and a knee deserves to be taken in sadness. Here’s what the Facebook post says:

The cheese market rise is due to the global economy. Search out info on it on the web. Long story short, high corn prices for feed, Chinese demand for milk, drought in Austrailia and New Zealand (exporting milk powder). Worse of all, a 1940’s-50’s Farm Bill still has yet to be re-negotiated by our Government. Farmer subsidies are at risk. Little italy lunch special is over but now you can get any half of sub for $4.00 all day every day

Even though the drinks in question were (and remain) Pepsi products, it was one of the best deals in town. Canada is apparently in the same boat, according to Canadian Pizza magazine.