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Farm Cart Is Coming Back from the Dead

Does it still bring a tear to your eye every time you think about the poor old Farm Cart, no doubt rusting away in someone’s backyard, unused and unloved? Well, dry your face because the cart is coming back, at least to the Athens Farmers Market. Michael Farfour and his wife, Iwalani Farfour, both of Full Moon Farm Coop, plus mother-in-law/mother Carole Brucato, of Backyard Bread, which was already a regular vendor at the market, have rescued it and are trying to get it up and running when AFM opens up again in April.

Michael says, “Carole and I have partnered up to make sure that the Farm Cart will keep fresh, local foods moving around Athens. Right now, we will be focusing on the Farmers Market, but will be adding new venues and events in the future. We will be sourcing products from our family businesses, Full Moon Farm and Backyard Bread, as well as our fellow farmers, to create an ever-changing menu of local seasonal foods.”

Of course, the cart needs a kitchen to operate out of, due to the restrictions on mobile eateries in the state of Georgia, but they have some leads.

What kind of food can we expect?

Michael says, “I will give you a more detailed menu of offerings once we get closer to opening day, but we will be serving breakfast. We will serve fresh hot bagels, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, french toast, creamy grits, yogurt and backyard bark (granola) and much more. We will not have all these items on [any] given day, but will rotate them alongside the wonderful offerings from Full Moon Farm, Backyard Bread and the Farmers Market vendors. We will do our best to source all our products locally.”