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Troubadour Pub & Grill, Saucehouse to Open; YoDawgs and Others Closed

So, using the old Harris Street Locos as an event facility didn’t last too long. Instead, Doug Cason plans to open Troubadour Pub and Grill there in the near future. Cason didn’t have much in the way of details on the food/drink (still a work in progress), but he did ask us to mention the parking scholarships he’s offering: 

We are working to be part of the community and give back to the students where we are able to. That being said, we are offering 60 free parking scholarships. I understand they pay from $200 to $450 a semester to park. We will have applications available and look forward to helping them out.

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Also on the horizon, with plans to knock down what was Peaches on Broad (near Milledge; Google Maps street view above) and replace it with a new structure, is Saucehouse BBQ, a fast-casual planned franchise from newly minted Terry MBA grad Christopher Belk. Phrases like “We’re aiming to revolutionize your BBQ standards with Athens’ top BBQ customized to your taste” on the website inspire suspicion more than confidence, as does the restaurant’s focus on sauce (12 different ones) rather than meat.

Belk previously worked for Red Diamond Coffee and Tea. Construction has not yet started, and the opening is projected for spring or summer 2014.

Reign Streiter’s YoDawgs froyo shop on Baxter is no more, and Fat & Happy BBQ, which I never made it over to try, is at least temporarily shuttered, with a note on the door alluding to difficulties and thanking folks for their support. Los Coyotes (which I did try), on Mitchell Bridge Road, has also closed.

Finally, the new arcade bar going in on Washington has a sign up that says Wonder Bar, and the Golden Chick location in Watkinsville (7990 Macon Hwy.) opened on Monday, with fried chicken and catfish, chicken salad, et al. You can see the menu here.