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Weaver D’s Is Closing for Real

This post could stand with just its title. The details are almost beside the point. When you’ve already threatened to close and then put your business up for sale officially, the announcement that you really, really are closing this time (which came today via owner Dexter Weaver’s Facebook page) isn’t a surprise, even if it is a sadness after 27-plus years.

From Facebook:

Weaver D’s Fine Foods is announcing that we will be closing the restaurant for good 2-3 weeks from today. The restaurant is for sale along with it’s contents. Come and get your last eat-on here at Weaver D’s, where our food has made us world famous for the last 27 1/2 years! Automatic, Dexter Weaver!

You have two or three more weeks to get your squash casserole on, and at least the cookbook exists as a record of what was. We will update with comment as we get one.

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