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Harris Street Locos Ends Day-to-Day Operations

After 25 years, the Harris Street location of Locos will close for day-to-day business at the end of day this Sunday, May 19.

Tucked away off the main drag but close enough to be convenient, the Harris Street location wasn’t the very first (that was on Carr’s Hill, back when it didn’t just do food but also sold groceries and smokes), but it was fairly early, and it’s a shame to see it shut down.

Locos representative Bridger Loftin confirmed the closure but said the space would remain available for event rentals, which it has hosted somewhat regularly. Business has been down noticeably, he said, while talking about the life-cycle of different areas of town, and the company, which has franchised extensively and opened locations in many other states, just couldn’t afford to keep this particular iteration open on a daily basis.

To rent the space after it closes, call 706-548-7277 for details and dates.