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Hunger Doc at Ciné, New Stuff at Stuffed Burger, Lunch at The World Famous

A Place at the Table

Food events in Athens continue to come thick and fast, as everyone’s all enthused about things growing out of the ground and not yet wearied by day after day of 90-degree weather. On Saturday, May 11, at Ciné, Wholesome Wave Georgia/Athens Farmers Market is hosting a screening of the documentary “A Place at the Table,” which addresses hunger in the United States (click the link to see a trailer on Ciné’s site). Admission is $20, but there’s a reception at 6 p.m. before the screening at 7:30 p.m., and a panel discussion following the film, moderated by local journalist Andre Gallant and featuring Hugh Acheson, Paula Farmer (nutrition director for the school district), State Rep. Spencer Frye and Erin Barger (director of Our Daily Bread Kitchen and Action Ministries). Proceeds benefit the SNAP-doubling program at the farmers’ market.

Stuffed Burger may specialize in beef stuffed with cheese and sometimes other meat, but it’s recently introduced some healthier options, with turkey burgers and salads. It also now has sweet potato fries (on which the jury is out regarding how much healthier they are than the regular potato variety, although they do at least have some additional nutrients) and a macaroni-and-cheese-stuffed burger, should you desire to clog rather than unclog your arteries.

The World Famous has recently opened up its kitchen for lunch rather than waiting until 3 p.m. to start cooking fries, frying okra and corn dogs and assembling crispy tofu lettuce wraps. Woo woo!