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Grub at the World Famous

With its opening finally happening tomorrow night, after an unexpected delay, I should remind you that Bain Mattox and David Eduardo’s new music venue will also serve food. Although the menu was originally conceived as “chicken and waffles,” and I’m sure that’ll happen at some point, for now it remains a little fancier. Yes, they have corndogs (beef and veggie), but they come with spicy pomegranate ketchup and fennel mustard (lah-di-da!). You can also get hoisin-braised pork egg rolls, wings (with house-branded hot sauce, agent orange or jerk flavoring), crispy tofu lettuce wraps and falafel with slow-roasted-tomato jam. Snazz. The menu is posted to the website, where you can read all the details as well as see the drinks, which include some very nice nonalcoholic options.