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Don’t Forget Convenient Grab-and-Go Flagpole Distribution Locations

Hey Athens, we know things are pretty tough right now with the Coronavirus protocol in place, but we didn’t want to make it tough for you to get the local news and info you deserve! Below is a list of outdoor stops (as of Mar. 25) where you can grab a Flagpole to stay informed while practicing social distancing at this time. Although bars and venues are closed for the time being, you can also pick up the paper at our regular distribution spots: retail shops, grocery stores, gas stations and plenty of restaurants still open for takeout. Don’t forget you can always visit us online at for the latest city updates. Stay safe and wash those hands, folks!

Outside the Flagpole office on Prince Avenue.

Clayton Steet (near the Globe).

The corners of Broad & Lumpkin streets.

Outside of Wuxtry Records.

Outside of the courthouse.

Outside of City Hall.

Outside the Hancock Avenue post office.

The UGA Arch bus stop.

Outside of Starbucks.

Outside of The Place.

Outside of The Grit.

Outside Hendershot’s .

Daily Groceries (on the corner near the entrance).

Athens Transit (teal box near the bus zone).

Bell’s on Hog Mountain Road (teal box, on the left when facing entrance).

Agua Linda (teal box on sidewalk).

UGA Main Library (sidewalk near Jackson St. bus stop).