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Flagpole Premieres: Athens Rising, Excerpt Six: Broderick Flanigan

The first full-length documentary in a planned series “that aims to celebrate the creative class in the Classic City,” Athens Rising: The Sicyon Project chronicles Athens’ multifaceted arts and music scenes, with an additional focus on dance, food, comedy, theater, festival culture and more. 

The doc is the brainchild of filmmaker James Preston, who has been hosting a series of late-summer and fall showings, with one tonight (Sept. 5) at Live Wire, and another next Thursday, Sept. 13 at Trio Contemporary Art Gallery. (Tickets are available at To coincide with the screenings, we’re premiering a few segments from the film.

Today’s clip features artist and organizer Broderick Flanigan, who operates Flanigan’s Portrait Studio in East Athens and has been instrumental in bringing arts and culture opportunities to underserved local neighborhoods.

Says Preston, “Broderick is someone who I’ve run into regularly at startup/business, arts and economic development events around town, but that I’d never really gotten to speak with for more than a few minutes. I came away from our discussion pretty blown away at the breadth of his work… I love how he’s been able to craft a program for his business that gives back to the community through his work with kids, by engaging in important conversations, and fighting the good fight for public art in Athens.”

Check out the video below: