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Today’s Sales at Avid Benefit the Pinewoods Library


Photo Credit: Henry Taylor/file

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, Avid Bookshop is donating a portion of today’s sales—including online and phone orders—to the Pinewoods library, which serves a largely low-income Latino immigrant community off Highway 29 near Madison County.

The library expanding, and customers can also purchase books for the library from a wish list.

Avid owner Janet Geddis writes:

Though Avid is a for-profit business, part of our core mission is to support our community every day, focusing on literary-based initiatives whenever possible. We are so grateful for the book lovers in Athens who support our indie bookshop and our amazing library system, and that’s why we want to have this book fair for Pinewoods in lieu of a birthday party.

A more traditional birthday party will be held next month, when Avid’s new Five Points location opens.