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Hugh Acheson Can’t Find Nice Things in Athens (Updated)

Athens’ Hugh Acheson is more than the proprietor of four successful restaurants (including Five & Ten), a Bravo star, cookbook author and owner of the world’s second-most-famous unibrow behind Anthony Davis. He’s a style icon in the restaurant world!

“As he’s spent more time outside the kitchen in the past few years as a judge on ‘Top Chef,’ he has become one of the food world’s most stylish figures,” writes Jacob Gallagher in the Wall Street Journal, “favoring suits from Sid Mashburn and Gucci, and always squeezing in a bit of shopping when traveling.”

Acheson on his glasses:

I tend to buy Warby Parker glasses. I live in Athens, Ga., so I have to be tied to the web to get good stuff unless I’m traveling, and I never think to get my eyes checked when I’m traveling.

Acheson on “buying local”:

I shop online a lot but I’ve found a couple stores in Atlanta that I like, such as Tweeds. The owner designs his own stuff. It’s pretty cool, very Southern.

Acheson is perhaps the foremost evangelist for Athens restaurants. It’d be nice if he had repped some of our other local businesses, too.

In his defense, though, it’s true that we don’t have Gucci in Athens.

UPDATE: Acheson called to say he is unhappy with this post, that he does everything he can to support locally owned businesses, and he believes giving this interview was beneficial to Athens even though it doesn’t mention any local establishments. He also said the Wall Street Journal misquoted him about having to buy things online because he can’t get good stuff.

“I intended to say that there are a number of things I wear that I can’t find in Athens, because I’m 43 and not 20,” he said.

This article was updated to correct the station “Top Chef” appears on.