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Yawn. Athens Made Another Best-Of List

Another day, another list.

This time, it was Travel & Leisure that named Athens one of “America’s Best College Towns.” in an attempt to get poor saps like me to reblog it and reap the clickbaity benefits. Here’s their totally generic description of our city (R.E.M. blah blah Bulldogs blah blah lotsa bars) that could have been written by anyone with 15 minutes and an Internet connection.

The buzz about Athens centers mostly on its music scene. This is, after all, where R.E.M., the B-52s, Widespread Panic, and Indigo Girls all started out. But lately, the home of the University of Georgia and its football-crazy Bulldogs fans is becoming quite the culinary hot spot, with about 60 restaurants and nearly 100 bars in the downtown area. Sunday brunch at Mama’s Boy is guaranteed to take the edge off a late-night Saturday at the World Famous.

Also, No. 19? Give me a break, Travel & Leisure. We’re better than Boone, NC, for God’s sake.