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Q&A with Kristen Bach of Treehouse Kid and Craft

Treehouse Kid and Craft recently won Flagpole‘s Athens Favorites Award for Best Creative Kid and Adult Classes. Owner Kristen Bach and her team of crafty teachers make every day creative with a schedule of monthly craft classes geared to specific age groups. The summer camp schedule is now up and includes week-long themed camps that promise to induce adult jealousy. Space Camp, Where the Wild Things Are and Woodland Fairy are just a few of them. Flagpole spoke with Bach about the evolution of Treehouse’s classes and camps.

Flagpole: Tell me about your classes.

Kristen Bach: [We offer] our weekly DIY classes for kids. We have classes for kids of ages 1–3 (alongside a guardian), 3–5, 6–10 and a Family Crafterday class for ages 3–8. We are offering some special workshops coming up too. For kids we have Knitwits, which is intermediate knitting for kids. We have a group of kids who have taken, I think, six sessions of knitting and are just amazing! It has been one of the most joyous classes for me to watch them grow and pick up the craft. We also have a beginning sewing class for kids as well.

FP: How have classes evolved since you began holding them?

KB: We have learned so much through this journey! I think the biggest thing that has changed is class enrollment. We now have thankfully been filling up, which has allowed us to add more and more classes and supplies. We have enjoyed so much to see our young crafters grow, learn, and develop! 

FP: What does the Treehouse space offer to Athens?

KB: We offer an inspiring learning environment with a team of qualified and crafty teachers who love kids and love to craft. We have a small class size so we can work closely with each student. We are a great place for families to bring thier kids who need and/or crave a creative outlet. I love that many of our instructors are active crafters in town and have become mentors and idols to many of our students. It is so good to see living artists who make a living practicing their craft.   

I also have found that this is a great place for parents to bring their young ones and engage them socially. Our Mama/Papa and Me class has been a favorite class for babies to be introduced to a variety of sensory projects, and art materials. 

FP: Do you have plans to expand the class programs?

KB: Since we have opened, our programming has continued to grow and grow.  We hope to continue to continue this as time goes on and more and more people continue to sign up and attend. We most recently have been thinking of adding some art/music classes, as well as a free monthly craft night for kids and adults. We always have a bunch of ideas! We have been talking about doing photography, stop motion animation, zine making, collage and creative writing, DIY craft business camp and more. Ahh, the workings of a super crafty summer!

Visit to sign up for summer camps (by May 5) and craft classes.


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