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Yes, You Should Rock That Bikini This Summer

Hey Bonita,

Just writing in to get your take on swimwear. Should I wear a bikini this summer? I think I could make one work, but of course I’m scared I’ll look like a trussed turkey and get laughed off the beach. I shouldn’t care what people think, but I do. Is it really true that we all have a bikini body, or am I just telling myself to feel better?

If you own a bikini, you have a bikini body. If you put it on and think you are making it work, you are.

I wear a bikini, and I know there are people who look at me wearing it in public and tsk, but I don’t hang around with those people. I don’t go swimming with those types. I highly recommend that you shouldn’t, either. Clique up with some progressive, body-positive people and find a pool to crash. Sun yourself with no fear of judgment and with the security of knowing that your friends will stand up to people who might attempt to body-shame you.

If public ridicule is a serious concern for you, I’d say you’re hanging out with some pretty negative people. Take a closer look at your circle of friends, then go put on your bikini and go get a tan. If there is someone in your life questioning your choice of swimwear, kindly tell them to paddle away.

My “friend” thinks they’re funny and is always trying to roast me on camera, but they’re really just a bully. I’m sick of it, and I’m not the only one. What to do?

Call ’em out! Do it at the exact moment they’re trying to make a laughing stock out of you or someone else for their own glory. One glance around Black Twitter displays how robust “roasting” culture is right now—it’s also known as “dirty dozens,” “reading” or “snapping,” for those not in the know—but the videos we see online are typically just friends roasting each other with consent, and with the intent of getting laughs.

It’s not as entertaining when one person doesn’t wanna participate or doesn’t have the same proficiency with off-the-cuff clapbacks. At that point, it’s just one person picking on another person, and that’s not funny. Add nonconsensual video recording to the mix, and your friend’s behavior is verging on toxic.

I’m sure that, for them, it’s all fun and games in their attempt to become internet-famous by insulting people, but they’re too shortsighted to see how impolite and alienating their behavior can be. This person needs a real talking-to before you and the rest of their circle ditch them.

Next time your friend attempts an impromptu roast session, shut it down. Ask them why they’re trying to roast people who don’t wanna play along, and tell them to stop. Say the words, “You’re not funny.” Wannabe comedians hate that shit.

Why isn’t there a Sweet Hut in Athens?



Hi Hungry,

Well, it seems that Sweet Hut is just your garden-variety privately-owned business, so it looks like the owner will have to take an interest in opening a location in Athens if you don’t wanna have to travel to Kennesaw. It looks like it’s a bakery that also serves burgers and bubble tea, so I’d recommend you check out Cafe 180°F on Broad Street for the latter—I’ve never been, but I’ve heard great things. If you need really good sweets and meat all under the same roof, go to Big City Bread or Dondero’s Kitchen (though the latter doesn’t serve burgers).

Our Hillary Brown covers all kinds of great local restaurants online at and in the Grub Notes column every other week in print. You’ll have to write Howie Ewe and ask him to bring Sweet Hut to Athens. Still, I’d recommend you check out our local options first.

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