Mechanical Canine, Equal Creatures, Needle Teeth, Feral Joy

Red Line Athens 1958 Winterville Rd, Athens, GA

7 p.m. (doors), 8 p.m. (show). $5.

MECHANICAL CANINE Philly goofballs playing punky emo.

EQUAL CREATURES Emo from Atlanta.

NEEDLE TEETH Sparkle-punk angst pop that's super cute and living paycheck to paycheck.

FERAL JOY Punky rock band with emo undertones "like chasing a Red Bull with a pint of Jim Beam."

American Dream Survivors, Shehehe, Strawberry Reproduction

Red Line Athens 1958 Winterville Rd, Athens, GA

AMERICAN DREAM SURVIVORS Dark folk punk band from Gainesville, FL.

SHEHEHE Local band that draws from old-school punk and arena rock to create a fist-pumping atmosphere.

STRAWBERRY REPRODUCTION Athens-based tech-metal group.

COMMÜNE New local femme punk shouting anthems of angst and social regret.

Beneath Trees, Dramamine, Ear Attic, Beat Up

Red Line Athens 1958 Winterville Rd, Athens, GA

7 p.m. Donations accepted.
BENEATH TREES Savannah psych/garage punk.
DRAMAMINE AI-based art punk/post-punk with members of Old World Underground.
EAR ATTIC Local alternative and post-punk.
BEAT UP Local anarcho punks.

407, Evil Intent, It’s About Fucking Time, Wastoid, Splooge, Gerd, Death by Disorder, No Filter, The Nick and Tandi Show

Red Line Athens 1958 Winterville Rd, Athens, GA

3 p.m. $10.
407 Atlanta-based punk band.
EVIL INTENT Loud, fast and heavy punk rock.
IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME Experimental punk band.
WASTOID Gutter pop band.
SPLOOGE Atlanta-based sludgecore and doom punk.
GERD Noise punk band from Atlanta.
DEATH BY DISORDER Atlanta-based sludgecore punk band.
NO FILTER Hardcore, beatdown band from Columbus, GA.
THE NICK AND TANDI SHOW Punk duo fronted by Triangle Fire singer Tandi Murphy-Hall.