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20th Annual Piedmont Gardeners Tour

The 20th Annual Piedmont Gardeners Tour is this Saturday, Apr. 20 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. rain or shine. This year’s tour features five gardens in Five Points for an easy-access tour. Tickets, which double as tour books are available from Always, Always Flowers, Cofer’s Home & Garden Showplace, Frontier Gifts, Homeplace Gifts, Thomas Orchards and Nursery and Weekend A’Fair. More info at


  • Robo Fire Ants?

    Oh, no! A new strain of supersized, robo fire ants? Nah. Adam and Melissa Kurtz had to replace a retaining wall under their front porch on Hill Street. He’s...
  • Milner Ball’s Fierce Drive for Social Justice Lifted All

    The family of Milner Ball has been running ads supporting the free press and thanking Flagpole β€œfor being there at this important time in Athens.” And of course their...
  • Not Everybody Can Afford a Dog

    My beloved Uncle Lawton was smart, handsome and charming, but he never amounted to much. Whatever job he had he left when hunting season rolled around. He took to...
  • Black Lives Matter protest

    Now or Never in Athens

    We are again in a period of nonstop national news and drama reverberating here in Athens. Another black person is murdered by police; massive demonstrations and protests erupt all...