My Forever Friends

My Forever Friends got me through the unusually tough times during COVID which coincided with a new, serious rare illness. The last two years for me as the world was still shut down, days became a bit scary, sad and lonely. I want to be transparent and vulnerable; don’t judge me. Depression became real and very unkind! It began to rear its ugly head daily. Let me tell you, depression does not understand—go for a walk, read a book, paint a picture. It takes over until it hurts, aches to depths that are unimaginable. Because of the continued fear and shut downs, there were no, and I repeat NO, mental health persons available to help me.

So as I struggled in silence one morning, I started to reminisce by going through an old cedar chest. I was so excited to find my “Barbie Friends” from the ‘50s. They suddenly became alive in this new world I was experiencing and later became known as the “Shelter in Place Friends.” They suddenly brightened not just my days but so many others via social media. They now sit in my studio and make me smile. I hope you enjoy some of their shenanigans and they make YOU smile.

Remember, the future is uncertain. So I write this to you, if you are struggling in silence, I understand. And for the one person reading this, perhaps your smile will make someone’s day so that they feel noticed and not alone. And maybe, you my friend will think more about others, be kind and check in for we do not know their story. Help someone to feel good even if it’s just for today.

Annie Lynn Osaer