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Christian Instruction Proposed at Oconee County Public Schools

Julie Mauck

Working with LifeWise Academy, former Oconee County school board candidate Julie Mauck plans to ask the board to allow K-5 students at Oconee County Schools to leave their campuses during regular school hours for Bible-based instruction.

The Oconee County Board of Education turned down a request by the Oconee County Christian Learning Center in September of 2016 for a released time program for Bible instruction.

Mauck said that the new request she expects to make will be different in that it will involve only K-5 students and will not involve dual enrollment or other transcript credit hours.

Mauck identifies herself as LifeWise Champion. LifeWise is based in Hilliard, OH, outside Columbus.

Mauck also is Chapter Chair, Moms for Liberty-Oconee County and ran unsuccessfully last year for the Republican Party nomination for Post 3 on the Board of Education.

Mauck announced the organizational meeting for a local LifeWise initiative on Oconee 411 (GA), the popular Facebook Group she moderates.

She also promoted the meeting in an interview with WGAU Radio Host Tim Bryant last week.

In the Bryant interview, available on the Mission: TimPosssible Podcast, Mauck described a meeting at Mars Hill Baptist Church last Thursday evening as a “kickoff” meeting designed to “enable Oconee County School children to hear about the Gospel during school hours.”

She said representative of LifeWise Academy will be coming from Ohio “to help launch this program.”

The LifeWise representatives “will give us a little information, an overview about what their mission is, what the launch process is, and what the next step would be for us to get this going here in Oconee County.”

LifeWise, according to its web site, has developed a curriculum “designed to take students through the entire Bible, beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation, over the course of five years.”

“Each lesson reviews a Bible passage as well as a ‘Living LifeWise’ character trait,” according to the site. “The lessons’ order and activities are flexible and can be modified as the teacher finds necessary.”

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