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Oconee County Also Rejects Challenge to Voters’ Eligibility

Attorney Daniel Haygood (center) at Monday's Board of Elections and Registration meeting. Credit: Lee Becker

The Oconee County Board of Elections and Registration on Monday unanimously rejected a challenge by Oconee County resident Patricia Daugherty on behalf of Houston-based True the Vote of the eligibility of 1,450 Oconee County voters to participate in the Jan. 5 runoff election.

As with a similar decision in Athens-Clarke County, the motion passed by the board said there was no probable cause of a violation of Georgia law that would render the voters ineligible to cast a ballot.

Kirk Shook, the Republican Party representative on the board, made the motion to reject the challenge, and Ken Davis, the Democratic Party representative on the board, offered the second.

The board took the action after a half-hour of deliberations led by County Attorney Daniel Haygood.

Daugherty did not attend the meeting, but sent to Haygood an email after it was completed asking for the “determination” that each of the 1,450 voters was in fact qualified.

Haygood responded on Tuesday morning that no further action is planned by the Board of Elections and Registration, and that Daugherty is free to appeal to Oconee County Superior Court.

Daugherty submitted a list of voters to the county on Dec. 18 that she said “appear” to have moved out of the county and should be ineligible to vote. Daugherty, who is active in Conservative Republican Woman, said subsequently she was taking the action at the request of True The Vote.

With the challenge, Daugherty submitted a spread sheet containing 1,450 names of Oconee County registered voters she considered ineligible based on “Available data from the United States Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) and other commercially available sources.”

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