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We Can All Be Superman and Save the World

As a child of the 1940s, I listened, spellbound, as the Man of Steel, aka Superman, saved the world from unimaginable evils every week! What a relief! Superman will always be there to do what no mere mortal can do: rescue us from certain death and destruction.

So now, madmen (yes, almost all are men) daily use firearms with the killing power of whole platoons to murder men, women and children indiscriminately because… they can. And every year we enact laws to make it even easier for the killers to effortlessly obtain weapons designed for the military to kill the most people, the most quickly and in the most grotesque way possible.

Superman is nowhere to be found. So who will save us from this madness, from the murder of masses of innocent and totally harmless people in supermarkets, theaters, restaurants, schools, churches and any other place people gather? Is there any hope without Superman?

Miraculously, there is! As it happens, we, each of us, can be the superhero we so desperately need. We can demand that our mayors and commissioners, members of our state legislature and Congress, and our governor stop this madness by ending the indiscriminate access to weapons of mass destruction. And, if they fail or refuse to do so, we can replace them with men and women who will.

We are all Superman. And now we must act to save the world.