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The Dystopian Reversal of Roe v. Wade

I am a retired EPA atmospheric scientist, and I am retired after decades-long military service. I am a war veteran and saw action as a weapons director. In a sense, I served my country to protect our freedoms—freedoms such as a woman’s right to terminate her early pregnancy. These rights are now being torn from us by mostly illegitimate lying justices of the Supreme Court. All this despite the fact that a substantial majority (66%) of Americans agree that women should not be subject to a livestock version of female bodily autonomy. Women now have been reduced to incubators.

By the way, did you know that Hitler and Stalin outlawed abortions? They were “pro-life,” you see.

Get this straight: overturning Roe is an act of a dystopian religious tribunal, not a secular court. A tribunal that ignores critical thinking, scientific evidence and proven facts.

Clueless Clarence Thomas and his Trump-appointed stooges seem devoid of intellect. They fervently believe in dark myths, but they can’t think straight. They either don’t know or don’t care about the scientific fact that human life does not begin at conception. “Ensoulment” is a religious myth, but no amount of scientific inquiry could persuade these true believers.

Think of just this one outrage: Women who are victims of rape or incest will be forced to carry and nurture the children of their assailants.

The well-funded religious right minority is tearing down Jefferson’s wall separating church and state and dragging us all back to the dark ages. They all vote. So should we.