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Putin Must Be Stopped

Our grandparents’ generation and our parents’ generation did not want to go to war, but they understood what was at stake when war was declared in both World War I and World War II. Regardless of their political affiliations and beliefs, when threatened with the loss of our precious democracy, the people of the United States stood together and fought the rise of the most hideous forms of authoritarianism and totalitarianism in other countries. Now we need to do the same.  

I want to commend our president, Joe Biden, for his leadership in this unprecedented time of war and the global threats to our planet. He has remained calm, judicious and forthright with the American public and our allies. With his decades of experience, especially his knowledge of the deep historical ties we depend on with Europe, Biden is leading us through the most dangerous waters the world has seen since World War II.  

Vladimir Putin’s actions are horrific, and the consequences of the war he has started could end life on our planet. We must face this crisis with calm resolve, intelligence and courage. These are three characteristics that our President clearly relies on as he works with our allies across the globe. I am also grateful to the men and women working alongside our president, and our armed forces, who hold our lives in their hands.  

In this terrifying moment in human history, a man of profound decency is precisely the person we want at the helm. We must come together as a unified country intent on facing this war on democracy with fortitude and open honesty, and we must support our President and his decisions. The economic effects caused by this war will affect us all, but we know and understand the stakes and we must act accordingly. Putin’s aggression and the devastation he has wreaked on Ukraine must be stopped.  

At the same time, as in decades past, we must address the fascination with totalitarianism and authoritarianism here in our own country. The people of Ukraine are putting their lives on the line to protect their precious democracy. We need to do our duty to democracy here in America as well, pursuing the truth and forbidding the beast of dictatorship to take hold. We Americans are too creative, too generous, and too dedicated to freedom, both personal and national, to fall for the false hope of totalitarianism and authoritarianism in any form.