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Democrats Should Stop Being Woke

The answer might actually be of existential consequences to our democracy and our lives. The big bloviating orange windbag Donald J. Trump has been and still is buoyed up like a hot air balloon by all the hot gases emanating from the left-wing Democrats. One of his favorite boasts is that he owns the libs. Basically, his popularity feeds off of the ill-conceived mutterings of the hapless, leftist liberals. Democrats have to realize that the badly planned 2016 election campaign of Hillary Clinton that emphasized identity politics and catered to minorities favored by the left wing, while at the same time ignoring the historical base of the party, played a major role in electing Trump.

The Democratic Party needs to come to its senses and shut the left-wingers up about issues such as wokeness, defunding the police and misplaced bleeding-heart sympathies for the terrorist organization Hamas and the clueless Palestinians, all of which are nonstarters to the majority of American voters. 

The Republicans have successfully associated the machinations of subversive groups like Antifa with the Democrats. How many times have you heard the Republicans refer to Antifa and BLM protests as being much worse than the insurrectionist rioters that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021?

Democrats need to recognize the fact that “they might be poised to squander their political advantage against a damaged GOP,” said James Carville, a longtime Democratic strategist who is 100% correct in his warnings. “Wokeness is a problem,” he said in a recent interview with Vox. He went on to say that although “Democrats are in power now, they also narrowly defeated Donald Trump, a world-historical buffoon, and they LOST congressional seats [emphasis mine] and failed to pick up state legislatures. The reason is simple: They’ve got a messaging problem.”

In truth, the fact that Democrats just barely achieved a majority in Congress has emboldened Republican evildoers in Congress such as Mitch McConnell to thumb his nose at the libs and pronounce in broad daylight, in public, no less, that he is going to be 100% focused on stopping everything the Biden administration hopes to accomplish. This pronouncement by “Moscow Mitch” does not bode well. The Democrats had better listen to James Carville’s advice and abandon their loser, bleeding-heart sympathies so that Biden can accomplish the things that will benefit us all, and reverse decades of Republican policies that began with Reagan and have led to the greatest income inequality of any industrialized country in the world.