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Libertarians Don’t Suck

On behalf of liberty-minded citizens of Athens and beyond, we the undersigned would like to respond to the letter to the editor by Lillie Potts published Sept. 2 titled “Libertarians Suck,” in which the writer posits that Libertarians promote their anti-government ideas to covertly promote the interests of the evil capitalists who in turn cause the citizenry to suffer. 

The truth is quite the opposite: Libertarians feel that without government protectionism, people would be able to vote with their dollars, controlling corporations much more efficiently than the legislative process ever could. Libertarians advocate that the individual is more than capable of making the best decisions in their work and personal lives, and that people don’t need government to tell them how to live. The basic premise of our philosophy is the Golden Rule, paraphrased as, “Don’t hurt other people, and don’t take their stuff.” 

Libertarians represent a diverse group of individuals who typically have absconded from other political philosophies in search of more freedom. Many left the Democratic Party because they resent oppressive taxation and regulation that supports programs that do not align with their personal values. Many left the Republican Party for the exact same reasons. Even more were already independent and did not align with any party but have found a home within the Libertarian Party. 

Libertarians feel that both parties have fallen short of the needs of the people. To us, both the Republican and Democratic parties are just different sides of the same coin. Both parties in the duopoly embrace bigger governments that impose more government on all levels (local, state and federal). The Rs and Ds have limited individual decision-making capabilities by imposing regulation on everything we do, all toward the end goal of cornering more power for themselves. 

The continued failure of both the Republicans and Democrats to elect nominees whose values reflect those of the American people will push many people to look for third-party candidates, and since Libertarians support the civil liberties and other social issues embraced by the Democrats while simultaneously supporting the personal freedoms and economic liberties espoused by the Republicans, we continue to grow with every election. As Republicans and Democrats realize we are leaving their parties, they will start to take notice of our goals; when Libertarian principles are embraced by any party, we all win. 

Libertarians are not just anti-Democrats or anti-Republicans. We have our own ideas and our own plans. Our candidates, Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen, are promoting the Libertarian platform and specific issues that include ending qualified immunity, gaining control of our $26 trillion debt, ending no-knock raids, ending foreign wars, returning individual control of health care, ending government barriers to replacing the fossil fuel industry, opening immigration to those who seek freedom, decreasing the onerous tax burden and the misappropriation of dollars, ending civil asset forfeiture and ending the school-to-prison pipeline by decriminalizing victimless “crimes.” 

Most importantly, in regards to the original letter, we want to end the current practice of government choosing one industry or company over another, either outright or via tax benefits or shelters. Libertarians strongly believe that when markets are truly “free,” without legislative influence, the processes of economic Darwinism will allow markets to flourish with the best products and services for the most people at the lowest price. 

Libertarians believe that the smallest minority is the individual, and we only support ideas that promote individual freedom and liberty. We reject the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals. We also strive for “a world where peace defeats war and where all people everywhere enjoy liberty and justice.” 

Freedom does not belong to Libertarians alone. Freedom belongs to all of us, and the Libertarians welcome all who seek it. 

Ben Young

Colin McKinney

Bobby Goins