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GOP Wants to Dismantle Health Care

Once again the GOP is out to exclude millions from health-care coverage. Its leader, through federal court, is seeking to invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act, removing protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions and eliminating crucial protections to 156 million Americans who get insurance through employers.

Remember, the ACA requires private insurers to sell coverage at the same price to those with pre-existing conditions as to those without pre-existing conditions, making coverage affordable for those folks. Women are not charged more for coverage because of their child-bearing abilities. It also allows parents to continue coverage for children up to age 26.

The GOP and its leader will stop at nothing to achieve in court what it could not achieve in Congress. They don’t care how many people are hurt if the ACA is undone. And what do they propose as replacement? Zip! After 10 years, conservatives still have no better plan. If you think the Republican Party isn’t eyeing Medicare, think again. Their leader’s budget proposal includes a $850 billion cut to Medicare, which basically equals the tax cut given to the richest people of our nation. We shouldn’t be surprised. Republican politicians have been at war with the safety net that Medicare provides our elderly since its inception in 1966.

Democrats are already mounting a full-throated defense of the ACA and will continue their never-ending battle to protect Medicare for senior citizens. Democrats believe you are not free if you have cancer and no health insurance. You could die. You are not free if you have to sell your home to pay to keep a family member alive. When health insurance plans deny you care when you need it, they deny you independence.