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More Information on Winterville Rezoning

This letter is to provide new information pertaining to the 370 Athens Road in Winterville rezone since our letter to the editor was published on Nov. 7, 2018. 

As the Winterville City Council’s vote on the 370 Athens Road rezone approaches, we are becoming ever concerned and alarmed by the remarks and actions of Mayor Dodd Ferrelle. The mayor is no longer remaining impartial; he is publically adopting positions in favor for rezoning 370 Athens Road to commercial.

As opposition to this rezone mounts, Ferrelle has changed the premise of the rezone to suit his own agenda. He has stated that the proposed commercial use and site plan are no longer a matter of consideration. He has said this more than once and on more than one occasion.  

At the City Council Workshop on Nov. 6, Ferrelle tried to delay the vote again; however, the vote will proceed as scheduled on Nov.  

Most recently we have learned that Ferrelle has been approaching the residents of the 300 block of Athens Road to persuade them to support the rezoning of 370 Athens Road. In doing this, Ferrelle is now seemingly advocating for Rob McNiff, the property owner and a former City Council member. 

We find it very alarming that the mayor is so dead set on having this particular property rezoned so that he can further the redevelopment of the 300 block of Athens Road whether the current residents want this redevelopment or not. This cavalier attitude towards administrating over our small town will not stand with many of us.

The Winterville City Council votes on this issue on Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at Winterville City Hall at 125 North Church Street in Winterville.

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