August 8, 2018

White Americans Have Extinction Anxiety

The key to notoriety is, some would say, to coin a phrase or make up a term that captures previous meaning—meaning sensed and maybe even understood, but not spoken—and then magnify it through use of that new phrase. Charles M. Blow did that when he wrote a column for the June 24 edition of the Sunday New York Times.

His column, titled “White Extinction Anxiety,” should be required reading for anyone distressed by the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency. The column will also help any reader to better understand the expressed desire of President Trump and his current and previous minions—including, but not limited to, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, White House advisor Stephen Miller and former White House advisor Steve Bannon—for immigration policies that emphasize isolationism and bigotry.

Blow is right. A large number of white persons in the United States, but particularly older white persons, feel their sense of power, their sense of privilege and their majority slipping away.  They look around and see a country diversifying rapidly via strong and incontrovertible demographic population trends. The percentage of white persons in the U.S. population will quickly fall to below 50 percent, falling from a peak of 85 percent not long ago. While the percentage of African Americans will stay pretty steady in the overall U.S. population, the rise in the percentage of persons in the U.S. population with Latino, Asian and African heritage will be nothing short of dramatic. White extinction anxiety, as labeled by Blow, is here now and sadly may grow in intensity as this diversification of the U.S. population continues.  

As evidence of the existence of white extinction anxiety, I recommend two books that I list on the syllabus for a university course I teach. The course is titled “U.S. Immigration and Refugee Policy and Programs.” The two books are Pat Buchanan’s State of America: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America and Ann Coulter’s Adios America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole. Both authors offer no apologies for the bigoted and isolationist views they put forward in their books. The problem is that both books provide more than ample incendiary fuel for persons already anxiously struggling with the changing population demographics of the United States.  

If further reading is desired, I recommend an additional book, Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints. This apocalyptic novel is, however, not for the faint of heart, and although I recommend the book, I do not require my students to read it. The details of the harrowing tale of woe and destruction depicted in the book can be just too overwhelming. The book’s focus is the idea that the countries and people of the developed West will be overrun by degenerates and undesirables from the hinterlands of the undeveloped countries of the world, if something is not done to stop such a movement. Whites will lose out as the “browning” of the world leaps forward. Western civilization will be destroyed. It should come as a surprise to no one that Bannon, of previous Breitbart fame, once stated that one of his favorite books is Camp of the Saints.

A fulcrum of division for the people of the United States, even during, but particularly after the Trump presidency has ended, will be that those persons who can accept these described demographic population changes will flourish. And those who cannot and continue to suffer from the malady of white extinction anxiety will not.