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Help Athenspets

We are writing in response to Cindy Jerrell’s weekly feature “Adoptable Animals at Local Shelters.” We wanted to give more information about the medical fund available to help the puppies and other furry friends she talks about in her articles. The medical fund is the only source of money that helps the sick or injured dogs and cats at the shelter. It covers everything from vet exams and medicine to surgeries. Athenspets and Athens-Clarke County Animal Control strive to properly care for every dog and cat brought in that needs assistance. Because we only receive limited grants from the government, some animals are unable to survive rough patches in their lives. Some will not even get the chance to fight for it. Athenspets needs your help.

For example, Trooper is a 5-month-old domestic shorthair with a people-loving, playful and cuddly personality. Trooper made Athenspets his temporary home on Sept. 19 after a good Samaritan found his body brutally injured. From the base of his tail, thighs and legs to his front paw, he was covered in bite marks and struggling to breathe. The medical team was worried this little guy would not make it, but they fought together through the injuries. Without the medical funds at Athenspets, Trooper may not be alive to look for a forever home today.

Athenspets is dedicated to helping pets find permanent, loving homes. Our goal is to regulate the pet population in Athens and to avoid overpopulation. This group relies entirely on volunteers, and without them, Athenspets would not be where we are today. We work closely with ACC Animal Control as well as local rescue groups to cover veterinary costs, spaying and neutering, testing dogs for heartworms and providing any other treatment necessary.

The only source of money for veterinary treatment and disease testing for sick and injured pets at ACC Animal Control is the Athenspets Medical Fund. The number of pets with medical needs IS increasing. Athenspets tries to treat every animal possible, but without the funds, it would be difficult to achieve this. But with your help, animals could live a long, happy, healthy life. Donations cover vet exams, x-rays, medicine, surgeries and supplies, such as heartworm and FIV tests. You could end an animal’s suffering and increase its chances of getting adopted into a permanent home.

Donate by visiting or mail a check or money order payable to “Athenspets, Inc.” to: Athenspets, P.O. Box 1022, Athens, GA 30603.