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Don’t Need a Background Check to Buy a Gun

Regarding the May 8 article, “The Conservative Court Has Spoken: The Reasonable Regulation Of Firearms Is Not Infringement,” by Donald E. Wilkes, Jr., I would like to point out several things that hopefully might be of service to you. 

First of all, the statement, “The most glaring of these loopholes is the one permitting firearms purchases without a background check if the purchase is made at a gun show,” is very misleading. What you and many others are referring to is called a “private sale,” and it is legal.  

Private sale is legal at most gun shows; however, 99 percent of gun sales at gun shows are performed through a FFL dealer that is bound by any rule they would be bound by in their store, which would include a background check, filling out an ATF 4473 form and also following all state laws.  

Secondly, and this is where I get a little opinionated, the use of terms such as “ultra-deadly” immediately tells me that we have gone from “news mode” to “editorial paper mode” (and the remainder of the article confirmed my suspicion). Dead is a fairly finite state.