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Letter to the Editor

This is election year and because of the efforts of Ed Vaughan making a vocal outcry and terrible factual information coming up to the surface concerning poverty here – poor wages with bottom-level UGA employees… it’s no wonder… economic employment quick fixes such as Lowe’s (Eastside) and the CertainTeed expansion… both aforementioned have a front door quick fix and back door screw-the-taxpayers long-range implications. The poor are being burdened beyond the limits. Everyone one of those supposed elected officials, idiots in City Hall need to be voted out of office. The fools on the hill… some record do they all stand upon now… once the elections come and go then it’s back to business and this will all be forgotten with as little as possible being done to truly address the situation. This is but the shavings of my two cents’ worth….

I live in this community as a living turd in the community toilet bowl, don’t drink, not a crackhead either, have lots of problems and issues which the supposed system does nothing to help. I get full food stamps and that’s it. The system, what a crock of crap. This is one poor man who’s injured and handicapped making a declaration of war upon City Hall. Heidi, mediate this! Tell the other members of our Cracker Jack commission to go to hell. Remember Citizens Not Suspects? Yeah, civil rights and liberties are not a local issue? They are all Americans’ issues – government of the people, for the people and by the people. Now it’s time to make your political waters hot. Election year is here. I’ve waited, now it’s my turn to give City Hall my full wrath.

E.G. (Rick) Baker