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Letter to the Editor

I have a major complaint about the safety of Prince Street. Me, my sister and my fellow neighbors risk their lives every day by opting for alternative modes of transportation. My sister is also a marathon runner. One day she was out on her daily run and proceeded to cross the street on Prince. She had the walk sign, but a rage-filled driver decided he did not like that and tried to run her over! I ride my bike every day and sometimes I feel like I will not make it to my destination. I can recall one situation when I was on the road and I was trying to switch lanes. I gave the driver in the next lane my signal. I got over and the middle-aged woman in her SUV started to tail me on my bike while screaming obscenities at me! She even got right next to me in the other lane and stopped her car! Well, I also had a few choice words for her as well. Why is it so hard to share the road? We deserve to ride our bikes and venture out on foot without being threatened by maniac drivers who can’t even wait five seconds for the said biker, runner or walker to cross the street safely. Maybe this is too much to ask, and maybe I have no faith that things will change, but it will only get worse. I just hope there are enough of us out there who refuse to put up with this s***, those of us who are willing to fight for the right to ride our bikes and walk across the street without feeling like our lives are in danger!

Tara Barrentine