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Clarke Middle Principal Tad MacMillan Is Retiring

Clarke Middle School principal Tad MacMillan announced Friday that he’s retiring at the end of the school year, creating another leadership vacancy in Clarke County public schools.

MacMillan told parents in an email:

I have decided that I am going to retire at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.  I am both honored and deeply grateful for my time at Clarke Middle and I am proud of what WE accomplished.  I love Clarke Middle and I will miss it, AND I am grateful that I was able to work with the students of CCSD for 32 years.   

Our LSGT has been informed of my intention to retire and they will begin the work of looking for a new principal.  You will be hearing more from that group and the district office about the hiring process. 

Please know that as I make this transition, I am fully committed to a strong finish for our school and our children.  Transitions give adults great opportunities to model for our children.  It is important that our children learn that change is a part of life and all we can control is how we handle that change.  Additionally, change brings new opportunities for growth and I am excited about the direction Clarke Middle is headed and the even greater school it will become.   

Again, I am humbled by the honor that you have bestowed upon me by putting your children in my care.  Thank you and Go Owls! Have a great weekend.  Come out and see our soccer teams play in the Championship at Clarke Central. 

Two other principals said they’re leaving in March, and four more were given central office positions earlier this month. A transfer opened another vacancy, so eight schools will have new principals in August 2019, after CCSD replaced five in 2018.