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Man Posing as Uber Driver Accused of Rape

Athens-Clarke County police have arrested a man they say raped two women who got into his car mistakenly believing it was an Uber.

At about 3 a.m. Friday, Apr. 20, a woman reported to police that she had requested an Uber and got into a car she believed was her Uber, but realized halfway through the ride that it was not. She asked to be let out of the vehicle, and the driver raped her before releasing her, according to police.

That evening, police received a report of a similar incident. A second woman reported that she had requested an Uber at about 1:15 a.m., and when she was picked up, the driver touched her private areas before she could get out. She took photos of the driver and showed them to police.

One officer recognized the suspect—Emerson Redd of Greensboro—from a traffic stop the night before. Early Saturday morning, the officer spotted Redd’s Chrysler Pacifica downtown, and questioned and arrested him.

Redd is currently being held without bond in the Clarke County Jail on rape charges.