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Drunk White People Downtown Love Them Some Donald Trump

Georgia-based sketch comedy duo Home Brewed Humor took to the streets of downtown Athens last weekend to interview drunk Auburn and Georgia fans about Donald Trump’s win.

The results were predictable but will nonetheless make you despair for your city, your school and (possibly) your race. Warning: Language is NSFW.

What did we learn here?

• Only 10 people need abortions.

• Trump will win re-election in 2019.

• He is not just a “baller” but even rises to the level of “rich awesomeness.”

• Muslims all have five wives.

• Trump does not “grab them by the pussy,” he only said that to sound cool.


UPDATE: Home Brewed Humor has taken down the video, saying:

We have removed our video titled Trump Talk for a number of reasons. We know that there was hateful language in the video but we saw a outpouring of it in the comments too about the people in this video, and that is not a solution. We did not expect this video to take off like it did and we apologize for anyone who may have been negatively affected by this. Our intention was not to “ambush drunk kids.” Honestly we turned on a camera light and they came to us without our asking. We went downtown planning to do a character piece, but that Friday night most of the people came and started voicing their opinions about Trump, so we started asking about that instead. The video was not an accurate representation of our school that we love, nor was it intended to be, but it was a representation of that night. It is important to note that the voices aired in the piece do exist however. We hope that people will be more gracious with each other going forward because if you look at any of our other videos they are goofy and solely intended to bring a smile.

Sounds like somebody’s dad is a lawyer.