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Congressman Hice Urges Athens Republicans to ‘Stay Focused,’ Vote for Trump

They wouldn’t mention him by name, but at least two Republican elected officials representing Athens are urging GOP voters to continue supporting Donald Trump in spite of the video that surfaced Friday of Trump describing sexually assaulting women and attempting to commit adultery.

“None of us anywhere will defend the comments that were made,” U.S. Rep. Jody Hice (R-Loganville) said in a brief speech at an Athens GOP meeting Monday night. “I will tell you this, if you are struggling with who to vote for, just remember the platforms the parties are running on.”

In particular, national security and appointing conservative Supreme Court justices are too important to give up on Trump, Hice said—again without specifically mentioning the nominee—and he argued that Trump will be bound by the Republican platform on those issues. He urged party members to “stay focused.”

State Rep. Chuck Williams (R-Watkinsville) said he echoes Hice’s comments.

“We’re all dealing with the same emotions and frustrations, but we’ve got to keep our eye on the ball and what we need to do Nov. 8,” Williams said.

At least one Athens Republican, though, declined an opportunity to reaffirm even qualified support for Trump.

“My vote is earned, and I’m voting on Election Day,” state Rep. Regina Quick (R-Athens) told Flagpole

When asked whom she’d vote for, Quick said, “I’ll tell you when I leave the polling place. I don’t know. The situation is fluid on that.”

Dozens of Republican officials—many of them from swing states and running tough re-election campaigns—have distanced themselves from Trump. But most of Georgia’s congressmen have remained silent.