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UGA Stonewalls Student Journalists on Sexual Assault

Days after Grady Newsource asked the University of Georgia for comment on recently released rape statistics, the university still has not responded.

A UGA report released in September included reports of 29 rapes on campus, including 22 at residence halls. The student-run TV station asked UGA why so many of the rape reports came from residence halls and why so few result in an arrest, among other questions. A university spokesman told the reporter Monday he was working “feverishly” to find answers, but as of Wednesday, he had not provided any.

This is not the first time UGA has tried to stonewall a news outlet since its press shop was reorganized into the Division of Marketing and Communications last year. UGA’s PR people have refused to answer Flagpole’s questions on sexual assault and will not make Police Chief Jimmy Williamson available for interviews.

UPDATE: Two hours after this post, UGA issued a written statement in response to Grady Newsource’s questions.