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Athens Is Overrun With High, Naked UGA Bros


As we say in the journalism business, “two is a trend,” and so it’s officially a trend that UGA bros are getting hella faded and running around in public without any clothes on.

Actually, “turnt” might be the better word to describe the 22-year-old UGA senior who jumped into the back of a garbage truck downtown while naked on May 29. (IDK, I’m old, somebody look it up on Urban Dictionary for me.)

It took four police officers to drag Benjamin Abele out of the truck because he “violently fought them off, and… it was difficult to get a hold of him because he was extremely slick from being coated with a foul-smelling liquid,” according to the Athens Banner-Herald. He was shot with a Taser twice with no effect.

Police said they suspected Abele was on PCP, and he was taken to Athens Regional Medical Center for treatment. He was also charged with felony obstruction and indecent exposure.

Then, last Wednesday, a man was spotted walking near Mama’s Boy wearing only a baseball cap and carrying a Guitar Hero guitar.

Police called EMTs and offered the 20-year-old a blanket. He was sweating profusely, his pupils were dilated, and he told authorities that he had taken six tabs of LSD and smoked “a lot” of marijuana. As befitting his toy guitar, this man is indeed a hero.

The Banner-Herald article did not name the man but said he is a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity chapter at UGA. He was not charged with a crime.