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General Beauregard’s Is Closed

General Beauregard's

We don’t know whether it’s permanent or just until the PR crisis blows over, but the Old South-themed downtown Athens bar General Beauregard’s is closed.

An anonymous tipster told the website Death and Taxes that the bar—which came under fire after an image purported to be a recipe card circulated online showing a shot called a “N*****ita”—was closed on Tuesday night.

Flagpole reporter and photographer Joshua L. Jones went by late Wednesday night and confirmed that it is indeed closed.

General Beauregard’s has shut down its Facebook page and Twitter account, but not before critics dug up questionable images related to April Fool’s Day parties the bar has hosted in the past.



Owner Daniel Simmons has not responded to follow-up questions since releasing a statement on the N*****ita controversy Tuesday morning.