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Here Are Your Best Giant Retaining Wall Memes

The Baxter Street sinkhole. Photo Credit: Jason Perry

Last week, we asked y’all to Photoshop stuff onto the giant retaining wall on Wilkerson Street, and as usual, Athens stepped up to the plate. Here are some of my personal favorites. Vote for the best in the comments! The winner will get… something.


Photo Credit: Jennifer Denson

Climbing Elliott Anderson.jpg

Rock climbers. Photo Credit: Elliott Anderson

DeGennaro Mordor.png

One does not simply build a giant retaining wall on Wilkerson Street. Photo Credit: Matt DeGennaro

harry dog matt degennaro.png

Go Dawgs! Photo Credit: Matt DeGennaro

Kid N Play Brant Rackley.jpg

High-top fades are back in style. Photo Credit: Brant Rackley and Larry Tenner

kiss sabrina ys sewell.png

I wanna retaining wall all night/And party every day! Photo Credit: Sabrina Sewell

kol aid andrew h lentini.jpg

OH YEAH! Photo Credit: Andrew H. Lentini

Monty Python RH Vogel.jpg

Your luxury student apartments are a hamster, and your retaining wall smells of elderberries. Photo Credit: R.H. Vogel

Neverending Story Melanie Carlson.jpg

 The Neverending Retaining Wall. Photo Credit: Melanie Carlson

Pink Floyd Matt DeGennaro.png

Pink Floyd’s The Retaining Wall. Photo Credit: Matt DeGennaro

RHVogel Banksy.jpg

 Banksy strikes again. Photo Credit: R.H. Vogel

RHVogel Knowshon.jpg

Knowshon! Photo Credit: R.H. Vogel

Wile E Coyote Melanie Carlson.jpg

Beep beep. Photo Credit: Melanie Carlson