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It Was a Violent Weekend in Athens

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I don’t know if the rain was making everybody stir crazy or what, but it seems like there were way more assaults than usual in Athens over the weekend. All information was taken from Athens-Clarke County police reports.

• A Martin Luther King Parkway resident was walking from downtown through the Bethel Midtown Village area. Six men approached him, and one asked for a cigarette. The victim was attacked from behind, knocked down, punched and kicked. The men took $500 cash, his phone, backpack and “specialty comics.” Police found the backpack empty inside the apartment complex.

• A man at Athens Regional Medical Center with a swollen jaw and ankle, cuts to his face and a broken tooth told police that he was “attacked and brutally beaten” by an acquaintance. He gave police a name.

• A man reported that he was walking down the street in the Martin Circle area when two men suddenly attacked him. Saying nothing, they punched him and stabbed him twice with a small knife.

• A North Bluff man being treated for a broken neck, a knot above his eye and other injuries at Athens Regional told police that he had an argument at  block party in his neighborhood. As he tried to leave his residence, six men dragged him from his vehicle, and one placed a gun to his head. The man with the gun was described as 25 years old with dark skin, a small build, short hair and a full set of gold teeth.

• A man reported being punched in the face at the Clayton Street bar Jerzees by a friend of a friend.