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GDOT Rep: My Clients Will Benefit from Road Project

Jamie Boswell, commercial real estate broker and area representative to the Georgia Transportation Board, readily admits that his clients will benefit from the proposed Daniells Bridge Road extension and flyover of Loop 10.

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The extension of Daniells Bridge Road with the flyover to the stub of the Oconee Connector at Home Depot will benefit property owners he represents whose land would be opened up for development, but also “will benefit 95 percent of the people in Oconee County,” he added.

“I would think it is accurate to say that it would make those properties more attractive for development,” he said. “I would think anybody would agree with that.”

Boswell said the Oconee County commissioners will have a “tough choice” to make on Apr. 7, when they are scheduled to decide whether to go forward with the Daniells Bridge Road extension and flyover as well as the widening of Daniells Bridge Road itself.

“The problem they have got, is they know all of these people,” he said.

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