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There’s Been a Rash of Car Break-Ins Lately

A rash of car break-ins have been reported all over Clarke County in the past several days, ACC police said this afternoon.

Mostly, the thefts have been smash-and-grabs, where thieves break windows to take valuables left in plain sight.

Among the entering autos reported this week:

• Someone smashed a window of a car parked on Gaines School Road Sunday while the owner was eating at a restaurant and took her purse from the front seat.

• Two other cars were broken into on Oglethorpe Avenue Sunday while the owners were eating at a restaurant. A GPS was stolen from one, and groceries and makeup were stolen from the other.

• A Sherwood Drive man reported that someone entered his pickup Sunday through an unlocked door and took a laptop and clothes.

• A laptop and backpack were stolen Saturday from a truck parked at a South Milledge Avenue business.

• A purse and backpack were stolen Saturday from a car parked at a Prince Avenue doctor’s office.

• Two cars were broken into Saturday at two different West Broad Street restaurants across the street from each other. The thieves took a purse, a cell phone, an iPod, jewelry, clothes and hair products.

Police offered these tips for keeping things safe (or standing a better chance of having them recovered):

Citizens are reminded to always place valuables out of sight (covered in the back seat or in the trunk) or take them with you when you park your vehicle. Always lock your vehicle. Make sure you have recorded the make, model, and serial numbers of any electronics. This information will help detectives identify and return any stolen property if it is recovered. This should also apply wherever you park your vehicle. We also remind citizens if they “See Something, Say Something.” Any criminal activity or suspicious persons/vehicles should be reported immediately by calling 911. Give the call taker as much information as possible (description of any persons/vehicles involved, exact location, direction of travel, etc.). With your help, we can continue to make our community a safer place to live. 

In related news, they also issued a BOLO for this man: