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You Can Buy Liquor in Oconee County Restaurants Now

Photo Credit: Lee Becker

Oconee County Commissioner Mark Saxon.

As a result of action taken Tuesday night by the Oconee County Board of Commissioners, the county now has a new liquor ordinance that allows for the sale of beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks in county restaurants.

The commissioners removed the requirement that patrons must purchase food with their purchase of these drinks, but they retained the requirement from the existing beer and wine ordinance that the restaurant cannot report that more than 25 percent of its gross income comes from the sales of alcoholic drinks.

The commissioners also resisted the efforts of BOC Chairman Melvin Davis to expand the service area for alcoholic sales beyond what has been allowed for the sales of beer and wine in restaurants.

The commissioners also asked County Clerk Jane Greathouse to increase enforcement of the ordinance with more detailed reporting procedures and the use of independent audits if necessary.

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