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Jason Carter Introduces Drive-By Truckers

Game over: Jason Carter has won the coveted Patterson Hood endorsement.

Just kidding—nobody’s sealed the deal yet. But introducing the Drive-By Truckers—whom Carter befriended while attending UGA law school—at a sold-out Tabernacle show certainly doesn’t hurt the Democratic gubernatorial nominee’s chances. This is just a guess, but I doubt Gov. Nathan Deal has Southern Rock Opera on his iPod.


Post-show w next Gov. of Georgia Jason Carter. What a really cool and smart guy. He’s pulling out of here to WIN! (Photo by Jenn Bryant).

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Deal, meanwhile, quietly slipped into town on Thursday to attend a county commissioners’ convention at the Georgia center. That was the same day Todd Gurley was suspended. Coincidence?

We’re all singing from the same hymnbook when it comes to Gurley. From Flagpole intern Stephanie Talmadge:

This is too good to pass up: Deal told the Marietta Daily Journal that water kills Ebola. Which is kind of true, in a petri dish, but makes the virus sound like an alien from the movie Signs.

In other election news, a new poll from Landmark Communications has Deal and Carter tied with 45 percent each and Senate candidates David Perdue and Michelle Nunn tied with 46 percent each. A few thoughts:

• Landmark is one of the few polling firms that, in my opinion, is accurately predicting female and African American turnout (others are underestimating it).

• There’s a huge gender gap—women are voting for Democrats by double-digit margins, and it’s the opposite for men.

• Undecided voters are making up their minds, and they’re breaking for Republicans.

• We’re almost certain to have runoffs, where Republicans historically are much better at bringing their supporters back to the polls.

• In four down-ballot races—lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general and agriculture commissioner—the Republican officeholders look like they’ll win handily. The power of incumbency, I guess. Valarie Wilson in the open school superintendent race is probably Democrat’s best chance to pick off a down-ballot race.