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Sounds Like Paul Broun Might Run for Office Again

The AJC‘s Daniel Malloy recently caught up with Paul Broun and asked him whether he plans to endorse a candidate in the U.S. Senate runoff (he finished fifth May 20) or the 10th District race to replace him in Congress. Broun’s reply:

“Right now I’m focusing on finding a job for starting next year and winding up our campaign.”

Broun said he will continue to live in Georgia and then with “I still have a heavy burden for this nation,” launched into a quickie campaign stump speech about low taxes and limited government. He wouldn’t say what kind of post-Congressional job he’s looking for or whether he’ll revive his medical practice.

What about another run for office down the road?

“Well I don’t know of any opportunities at this point so I’m going to leave my options open for the future. We’ll see what kind of opportunities might be available that the Lord sends in the future.”

That doesn’t sound like a man who’s riding off into the sunset to me.