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Georgia Mayors (Not Denson) Oppose Gun Bill

The mayors of 12 Georgia cities—including Atlanta’s Kasim Reed, Augusta’s Deke Copenhaver, Macon’s Robert Reichert and the heads of such liberal bastions* as Roswell and McRae—signed a letter to state leaders today urging them to reject House Bill 875, which would broadly expand where Georgians can carry guns.

Notably absent is Athens-Clarke County Mayor Nancy Denson’s signature. (Denson is ambivalent about the bill.)

The bill would lift a ban on guns in libraries, City Halls and other public buildings unless local governments provided costly security measures, such as guards and metal detectors. It also reduces the punishment for carrying a gun at the University of Georgia and on other campuses to a $100 fine. UGA opposes the measure.

“Under HB 875, people who illegally carry guns on campuses of Georgia’s colleges and universities would be penalized less severely than if they were caught driving 15 mph over the speed limit,” the letter says.

The bill passed the House last month and could be up for a Senate vote as early as this week.