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Surprise, Surprise: A Historic Buena Vista House Has Been Torn Down

As predicted, a century-old cottage that was left out of the Buena Vista Historic District last year has been demolished. Homebuilder Jared York took down the cottage at 167 Park Ave. today.

Yorkthe same guy who riled neighbors when he cut down a landmark Talmadge Drive oak after promising not tosaid during the contentious Buena Vista debate that he had no intention of tearing down that house. Then, after the district passed, he filed for a demolition permit in April.

Credit: Kristen Morales via Facebook.

The Athens-Clarke County Commission left 167 Park Ave. and several other Buena Vista properties out of the district due in part to disputes over the historic value of those structures, but also for political reasonsthe property owners didn’t want to be a part of the district, potentially threatening its passage. Preservationists feared the smaller district wouldn’t adequately protect the neighborhood.

Other demolitions have taken place recently or been proposed on Prince Avenue and in Five Points. However, stronger protections for historic buildings might be coming down the pipeline.

At Commissioner Kathy Hoard’s request, Mayor Nancy Denson said Tuesday that she would assign ACC’s demolition delay ordinance to a committee next month.

The ordinance allows commissioners to put a 90-day hold on demolishing buildings that are more than 50 years old, but the law hasn’t succeeded in saving any historic buildings.

“Really, all it’s done is delay the inevitable,” Hoard said