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ABH: Armed Dog Terrorizes Athens

The background check didn’t ask if I was human.

The world’s most highly evolved dog is brandishing a gun at people in an Athens neighborhood, according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

(A) man was standing outside of his West Broad Street apartment when he said a Hispanic male and female walked by with a dog.

When the victim asked the man to clean up after his dog defecated, he told police the man became upset.

A short time later. the man who had the dog returned and was very irate, according to the report.

He told the victim he was associated with the mafia and proceeded to raise his shirt, brandish a handgun and point it at the man, according to the report.

Oh, wait. You mean that’s not what happened? Then why is the headline “Man asked to clean up after dog pulls gun?”

The media website Romenesko even made fun of the headline, yet the ABH never changed it to something like, say, “Man pulls gun when asked to clean up after dog.” Did they just not notice, or did they leave it because of all the clicks it’s probably getting?