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Just How Much Rain Is Athens Getting?

Everyone knows Georgia is having some kind of weird monsoon season this summer. But just how much is it raining? The Athens, GA Weather blog has the answer.

And the answer is a lot, but not quite as much as you’d think. The average annual rainfall in Athens is 47 inches, and from January through July, it’s 28 inches. We’ve gotten 35 inches so far this year.

2005 (the year Hurricane Katrina and an unusual number of tropical storms hit) was even wetter. Athens had 42 inches of rain through July eight years ago.

So was 2009, when we got 60 inches of rain. 

Still, we’ve had more rain in the past 17 days than any other 17-day period since 1991. We’ve also gone from an “extreme” drought to no drought in a year’s time.

There’s much more cool info here.