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Here’s an ACC Commissioner and a Karaoke DJ Arguing About the Park-and-Ride Lot

I posted this article about the (empty) new park-and-ride lot on the Eastside to my Facebook page the other day, which sparked an insanely technical argument between Athens-Clarke commissioner/UGA geography professor Andy Herod and John “Dr. Fred” Bowers a research scientist at the College of Agriculture by day, karaoke DJ at Go Bar by night. Only in Athens.

Bowers thinks the lot is a bad idea, and Herod defended it. They tried to one-up each other by calculating how much carbon dioxide a bus generates and how much damage it does to the road versus the cars it takes off the road. 

I have but one lowly degree, and in English at that, so I don’t really feel qualified to weigh in. Personally, I’m skeptical of the lot, but I’m willing to wait until fall, when UGA students and employees will get out of their parking contracts, before passing judgement.